Why is this diamond’s shadow worth $1,700?

By Kyle Bullock


Would you pay $1,700 for this shadow?  

You might just want to when you find out why it’s so valuable.

To understand its value, you’ll need to know something about how someone cuts earth’s hardest substance.

With 10 or more years of highly skilled training, only the best diamond cutters are allowed to touch a stone like this. Their precision and skill on the cutting wheel makes these select few cutters the most sought after artists in the business.

When an expert cutter gets a diamond, he or she has one goal – to create a perfect shadow.

You see, when a diamond is cut precisely to ideal dimensions, the result is that it will cast a perfect shadow. Every facet and dimension of the stone is cut in such a way that light can hit it from any direction, bounce back and forth inside the stone’s facets, and burst through the top of the stone in a display of brilliance and fire.

If the stone cutter misses these dimensions, light escapes and the diamond loses that coveted brilliance and fire.

So how hard is it to cut a diamond this precisely? Let’s just say that only the top 3% of gem quality diamonds worldwide end up in this category, making them the most coveted diamonds in the world.

The diamond on the left in the picture above is a Top Ideal Cut diamond, and is casting this amazing shadow as it was designed by an artisan to do. As a result, the diamond sparkles, shines, and dazzles like crazy in any mounting it is set in.

The diamond on the right is a bigger diamond, sure, but it has been cut poorly and has lost that dazzle, sparkle, and brilliance we all want in a diamond

Knowing this, are you more likely to spend $1,700 for this expertly crafted, hand cut, ideal cut diamond on the left that casts a perfect shadow?

Did I mention that at Bullock’s you also get a guarantee for life on
the value of this diamond?

If you want to learn more about diamonds from an expert friend in the business, schedule a no-obligation sit down consultation with one of our team. We’ll even give you your own loupe so you can see the internal brilliance and fire of the diamond up close!

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“What Do I Do With Old Jewelry?”

DSC_0103.jpgby Kyle Bullock

Here’s a question I get asked almost every day: “Do you buy old jewelry?”

The answer is… yes and no.

Chances are, if you have old jewelry you aren’t wearing, you still want to get the greatest value out of them. So if you are wondering what to do with all those old pieces, here are three tips for getting the most value out of your old jewelry.

Remake or remount the jewelry. This is the best option if you have larger center stones or if the item holds a lot of sentiment for you. Take the parts of the piece you like most – the stones, the shape, the center, etc. – and let us turn them into fresh, new creations that you will wear and enjoy! Occasionally, this can be a cost effective option if you are looking for a new piece.

Scrap the gold. You might be sitting on a small fortune in the gold alone! At Bullock’s, we have a $50 buying minimum, meaning we have to have a minimum amount of gold weight before we can purchase. That said, one or two pieces is often enough to reach or exceed this limit. Gold buyers don’t buy the small stones that are often in vintage mountings; at Bullock’s, we can make you an offer on larger stones, particularly diamonds. Not only that, but we will give you 50% MORE on your gold scrap if you trade it in towards a new item. This option is great if you are looking to unearth some cash or want to upgrade to new jewelry.

Sell to a friend. You might just have a friend or family member that might wear what you aren’t! My advice – ask them to make you an offer. Chances are, you’ll get more than scrap value and they’ll end up with a new piece at a great deal. Talk about a win-win! This option is great if your piece is in good condition and you have someone you trust interested in the piece.

If you want expert advice on what you can do to get the greatest value out of your old pieces – come on in! We are always happy to give you free consultation on any piece you have questions about.



3 Ways to Find the Perfect Jeweler


Jewelry is one of the most personal purchases you will make in your life. Whether you buy diamond jewelry to celebrate marriage, the birth of a child, an anniversary, or some other landmark event, the pieces we own are more than just some stones and shiny metal. They represent the story of our lives!

So how do you find a jeweler you can trust who will treat your jewelry with the care and respect it deserves?

There are a number of things to look for when finding a trustworthy jeweler, and we’ve compiled just a few to help you find the right one to suit your jewelry needs!

 1) Ask the neighborhood. An established, reputable jeweler will likely have a number of fans in the community you live in. Ask around town, especially those who have had work done to their jewelry or have made a purchase recently. They can share their good – or bad – experiences to help you narrow down your search.

2) See how they take in repairs. Nothing requires attention to detail and organization quite like taking in a jewelry repair. Even a simple sizing requires the jeweler to examine all stones, prongs, and the shank to ensure the ring will come out like new. Most reputable jewelers will spend a little extra time, effort, and attention to make sure they get it right. Make sure the jeweler provides you with a detail work order, a clear estimate, and even pictures of your items when you drop it off. A great way to get acquainted with a jeweler is to have them perform a simple repair or even complimentary cleaning to make sure you feel comfortable using them in the future.

3) Don’t be afraid to ask questions beforehand. The best jewelry service involves listening and responding to your needs, concerns, and questions. Call the store or go in to ask questions regarding how they do things. Is there a bench jeweler on site? What kind of return policies do they have? What kind of education does the owner or manager have? And when asking technical questions, such as diamond grading or gemology, don’t be turned off if the clerk says, “I don’t know.” Sometimes, the most reputable service happens when a clerk or owner works on your behalf to learn and answer questions they don’t know off hand.

Finally, the best jeweler is the one who wants to build a relationship with you and will treat your jewelry needs like his or her own.

There is far more to jewelry than some metal and rocks. Take your time, ask around, and find out what jeweler is willing to build a trustworthy relationship with you for years to come!

Of course, we would love for you to consider Bullock’s for your jewelry needs. So if you have questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to call us at 575-622-7451 or email us at info@BullocksJewelry.com


Kyle Bullock, RGA

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