Why is this diamond’s shadow worth $1,700?

By Kyle Bullock


Would you pay $1,700 for this shadow?  

You might just want to when you find out why it’s so valuable.

To understand its value, you’ll need to know something about how someone cuts earth’s hardest substance.

With 10 or more years of highly skilled training, only the best diamond cutters are allowed to touch a stone like this. Their precision and skill on the cutting wheel makes these select few cutters the most sought after artists in the business.

When an expert cutter gets a diamond, he or she has one goal – to create a perfect shadow.

You see, when a diamond is cut precisely to ideal dimensions, the result is that it will cast a perfect shadow. Every facet and dimension of the stone is cut in such a way that light can hit it from any direction, bounce back and forth inside the stone’s facets, and burst through the top of the stone in a display of brilliance and fire.

If the stone cutter misses these dimensions, light escapes and the diamond loses that coveted brilliance and fire.

So how hard is it to cut a diamond this precisely? Let’s just say that only the top 3% of gem quality diamonds worldwide end up in this category, making them the most coveted diamonds in the world.

The diamond on the left in the picture above is a Top Ideal Cut diamond, and is casting this amazing shadow as it was designed by an artisan to do. As a result, the diamond sparkles, shines, and dazzles like crazy in any mounting it is set in.

The diamond on the right is a bigger diamond, sure, but it has been cut poorly and has lost that dazzle, sparkle, and brilliance we all want in a diamond

Knowing this, are you more likely to spend $1,700 for this expertly crafted, hand cut, ideal cut diamond on the left that casts a perfect shadow?

Did I mention that at Bullock’s you also get a guarantee for life on
the value of this diamond?

If you want to learn more about diamonds from an expert friend in the business, schedule a no-obligation sit down consultation with one of our team. We’ll even give you your own loupe so you can see the internal brilliance and fire of the diamond up close!

Email us at info@bullocksjewelry.com to set up your appointment.


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